Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Ik ben Helena en ik hou van boeken lezen.
Vanavond heb ik een tekstje geschreven, zomaar, ik heb het uitgeprint en ga het morgen aan mijn juf geven.
Deze foto's heeft mama gisteren genomen op haar wandeling.

A book tells all different kinds of stories.
I, Helena Van Brande love to read books. I have found out that I do not only like one kind of book but I like a lot of different books.

If I don’t want to stop reading, which means that I love that book! At school we have a book log. It is due at the end of the month. Mostly I get much more than 30 RC points. RC points are the points one book is. I read almost every month more then 8 books. (But not every month.) One time I think I read about 14 books! That is probably the most in my class!
Now it is the beginning of May and our new book log is due at the end of school which is in the middle of June, the next month. In class we read about 15 minutes every day right after lunch. Some times we don’t read and we would already sign our homework because we would do something at 1:00.

Did you know that if you read about as much as I do that you learn almost more than in school that month? Well I know that when you read a lot you can go deep in your imagination. If you read a book without pictures or with only a few pictures you can even picture your own pictures in your imagination.

If you watch too much TV and you don’t read a lot, your brain stops. Your brain stops because TV does all pictures for you and you can’t go deep in your imagination because the TV does all the imagination for you. With computers you can think with some projects that you do but not for the computer games. They are bad for you! Just like watching TV is bad for you.

You may not know this stuff about books and TV and computer games and maybe you do watch TV and you play computer games and if you do you should not do that a lot and read more!