Monday, October 13, 2008

Redlight Visuals; Car Pictures

4 weeks into school...

and so far the four most best filled weeks, almost everyday has been packed with a big verity of different activities. During the week, i have school at Columbia College Hollywood for 3 days, Tuesday, 9am till 1pm principles of production, Wednesday, 2pm till 6pm writers workshop and 7pm till 11pm visual design. and at last Thursday night 7pm till again 11pm i have editing. even though 11pm may sound late... it really isn't to bad at my age right now, i usually am awake until early in the morning anyway. you get used to it. :)

anyway, besides school i have different jobs, usually during the week i still help out as a PA and weekends filming events for Wind Productions. which actually has taught me a lot. But now i just stared my own little production company called Redlight Visuals. so far i haven't done so much, besides a few photo and video shoots. (pictures and video will be uploaded soon) but than again, it will hopefully grow and take more of my time away.

besides, school, work i have been spending time with the new friends from Columbia. Which are all great people. i am very happy with my decision to go to school there.

so in between school, work, friends i still find time to work for school, such as these pictures of my car, taking for Visual Design class.

these are only a few examples of the stuff I've done for my classes and for Redlight Visuals.

so yeah, at this point this is basically what i do... explained very brief... but its better than nothing.

hopefully i will be posting and uploading more photo's and video's soon!