Thursday, March 30, 2006

a poem by Catherine

If you were me

By Catherine Van Brande

The airplane landed,
My stomach was feeling weird,
I even had to laugh,
But deep inside I wanted to cry.

My mom doesn’t believe me when I say,
“I don’t want to go to school, I am sick of being left alone”,
She doesn’t do anything to stop it,
Mama just can’t understand me.

And when I want to write a letter she says,
“Not again, you are wasting money, give here”,
Then she takes it away, and puts it someplace I don’t know about,
She just walks away from it.

I have been in America for a month,
I’m starting to make new friend,
But the problem is that….
I can’t speak English.

Yes, I can say,
“Hi” or “My name is…”,
But what’s the difference?
I’m shy; I don’t really speak in class.

My neighbors are nice,
I have a great room,
And the food is okay,
It’s just that I miss my friends really hard.

If you read this you would know,
How it would be if you were I,
But you won’t wish,
That you were me.